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  We are green builders

Our LEED AP staff is able to provide design and documentation services for electrical credits associated with site practices and products.

How can TELCO make a difference as a LEED participant for your project? We are proactive with our roles and responsibilities with LEED credits.  The following areas illustrate just some examples of how TELCO can can significantly contribute to a LEED-certified project.

Sustainable Site, Credit #8 — Light Pollution Reduction. The purpose of this point is to eradicate light trespass from the building and the site, enhance night sky access, and diminish development impacts on nighttime environments.  TELCO will work toward achieving this point with proper fixture selection and coordination and photometric analysis.

Energy & Atmosphere, Credit #1.1 — Optimized Energy Performance. The prerequisite for the Minimum Energy Performance category is to meet the minimum level of energy efficiency as specified in ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1 and/or the local energy codes.  TELCO will work together with the mechanical designer to collaborate on complete building energy savings.

Innovative & Design Process, Credit #2 — LEED Accredited Professional. It's important to hire a design/build electrical contractor with an in-house LEED Accredited Professional. TELCO has just that.  In addition, TELCO's staff LEED Accredited Professional certifies that the design professional understands the LEED point system and protocols required for project certification.

Innovative & Design Process, Credit #1.1 — Innovative Design. The LEED process offers several points that can be obtained through innovative design. This is where both design expertise and a strong history of LEED-certified projects can significantly contribute to a project.  TELCO's design and product selection can combine owner construction cost savings with customer life cycle cost savings and with LEED points.

TELCO will help incorporate the implementation of lighting control panels or occupancy sensors to turn off the lights during nonuse hours. You can use improved controls technologies to exceed the minimum required energy performance criteria for LEED.

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